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Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America.
Congratulations for proving "the HIV experts" wrong.
How did we stop HIV?

Since the mid 1990's we were actively engaged in conversation to communicate our ideas, thoughts and desires. We communicated with words, gestures, symbols and body language.

But, before we took this action we engaged constructively with each other as a community; we understood that we have the DESIRE and are MOTIVATED to continue the process of physically breaking the cycle of new HIV transmissions, thereby successfully stopping new transmissions of HIV - regardless of our HIV status and regardless if we 
use condoms or not. Published HIV research dating back to 2002 proves this.

Communication, Respect, Understanding = Unity.

Welcome to POZ4POZ.com, the future of HIV prevention worldwide. HIV-negative? CLICK HERE

Respectfully Yours;
Robert Brandon Sandor
HIV+ '83
US Air Force vet

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