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Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
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How did we stop HIV?

For the past decade we were actively engaged in conversation to communicate our ideas, thoughts and desires. We communicated with words, gestures, symbols and body language. But, before we took this action we engaged constructively with each other as a community, we understood that we have the DESIRE and are MOTIVATED to continue this process - regardless of our HIV status, age, race, income, education, gay, straight, male or female, and regardless if we use condoms or not. 

Communication + Respect + Understanding = Unity.
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How To Stop HIV - Introduction Video
Topic: DESIRE and MOTIVATION to stop HIV ~ The FIRST Step In HIV Prevention.
By Robert Brandon Sandor
New York City, NY
April 2013

Your desire and motivation to remain HIV-negative OR (if you are HIV+) NOT to infect someone is the glue that holds all other HIV "prevention" messages together, the key force that drives local and global cultures to continue to support HIV "prevention". Please take a moment and think about how this information relates to you personally. Consider how this affects your choices to remain HIV-negative or NOT to infect someone if you are HIV+; the people you form relationships with (sexually and socially), and understand the important role you play in keeping the promise of HIV Prevention.

Getting infected with HIV OR infecting someone is NOT a "rite of passage" to adulthood. If you do not take your role in HIV Prevention SERIOUSLY, then all the HIV funding and political support to stop HIV are worthless. PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE NOW - MAKE A PRO-ACTIVE STAND TO STAY HIV- negative or NOT to infect someone if you are HIV+.

It's not what we can do in life that makes a difference, it's what we WILL do today that creates change, and getting tested for HIV on a regular basis - once a month, once every two months or quarterly, is no different. The same holds true if you are HIV+. The ONLY thing stopping you is YOU. Making decisions and using your basic commonsense, which is your desire and ability to take action, changes your life! This commonsense is already in you and just needs to be set free; first by igniting that spark within you called DESIRE and secondly, by making a choice to stay HIV-negative (or NOT to infect someone if you are HIV+) which is called FREEDOM OF CHOICE. 

This is the deciding moment in your life where you make time for yourself and draw the line in the sand, take HIV prevention SERIOUSLY and choose once and for all: A life staying HIV-negative or a life of expensive medications, side effects and lost time from school or work due to hospital visits because you're HIV+. OR to NOT infect someone if you are HIV+. I'm HIV+ since 1983 and to this day, NO ONE showed me how I can become HIV-negative again, so trust me on this: Once you become HIV+ there is NO going back. That's right, it only takes ONE time to become HIV+ and you're HIV+ for LIFE, and are faced with all the challenges that come with being HIV+. 

This is YOUR moment to decide and plan for your future NOW and stay HIV-negative or NOT to infect someone if you are HIV+.

How on earth can YOU remain HIV-negative  or not infect someone in "todays world" of failed HIV messages, misinformation about "wonder drugs" like PrEP and lack of support? Simple, just follow a few basic common sense tips / steps to help you to stay the course. These steps you already know and have heard over and over countless times in the past, BUT this is no common website, as the pioneer of this HIV Prevention Strategy I'm no ordinary HIV Activist / Teacher, and this is NOT the past - THIS IS NOW and now mankind understands that the global HIV Prevention message just changed! (As you are reading this.)

No matter what happened in your past and how many times you put off getting tested for HIV on a regular basis, NONE OF THAT MATTERS because each moment of every day is a NEW and FRESH OPPORTUNITY to get tested regularly. You can not plan for a life free of HIV unless you know your HIV status. 

WHAT are the steps to begin your life free of HIV?

 They are:

1) Take ACTION TODAY by choosing to remain HIV-negative for life or not to infect someone if you are HIV+.

2) KNOW your HIV status - GET TESTED.

* Is having SAFE SEX (Safe Sex Serosorting) or Barebacking (Serosorting) with your own HIV status working for you? 
* If you are HIV-negative: Are you STILL HIV-negative? 
* If you are HIV+: Did you NOT infect someone?

(If you answered YES to these questions, then just repeat the process: Get tested (HIV-negative only), Have safe sex (or bareback) with your own HIV status, Reinforce your actions (repeat).)

4) CREATE / JOIN social / supportive networks online or face to face, and be supportive of others who choose to remain HIV-negative. Networks can be with (but not limited to) Family, Friends, Sex Partners, online social sites, face to face support groups, community events and others. There are countless HIV+ only networks worldwide, soon HIV-negative only networks will be realized and accepted.

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