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Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
HIV+ Empowering HIV-negative.
" We consciously work to achieve consistency between our perceptions of self, our own behavior and feedback from the world around us.

There is a way to change our perception of ourselves and our behavior if we choose to be consciously involved in learning, and have a desire to improve our actions. We have to be willing to go outside our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to see the situation differently." *Back Cover

" Today however, “NO” can mean respecting someone’s HIV status and helping to stop the spread of HIV. Contrary to popular belief, not all young HIV-negative gay men want to be infected with HIV, and not all HIV+ gay men wish to infect an HIV-negative gay man. 

Therefore, an increasing number of gay men in America are choosing to have sex with their own HIV status. (See: HIV-UB2, D&D FREE and The POZ CODE in the glossary.)" ** Page 17

" Since the mid 1990’s there are a growing number of HIV+ and HIV-negative gay and bisexual young men, who are openly disclosing their HIV status in public. Across America, HIV-negative gay men are posting the “HIV-UB2” (HIV-negative You Be Too) and the “D&D FREE” (Disease and Drug Free) codes in their online profiles, while HIV+ gay men worldwide have been posting our own code.

Within the HIV+ gay community, the two most common are; 

1) The POZ CODE (P4P), and 
2) The Bio Hazard symbol. 

Some of us just wear a tee shirt that says P4P, HIV+, POZ, POZ PRIDE or other HIV+ empowerment messages. We have been willfully and openly disclosing our HIV+ status for the simple fact that we CHOOSE NOT to infect others, and to empower other HIV+ men to be open and honest about HIV Prevention.

To learn more about The POZ CODE (P4P) and learn how this has helped change HIV Prevention, please visit: www.POZ4POZ.com . Therefore, if you are HIV-negative and see one of us disclosing our HIV+ status, say hello - we respect your right to remain HIV-negative." ***Page 29

" HIV POSITIVE FOR HIV POSITIVE* (HIV+4HIV+ or P4P) Taking HIV “prevention” SERIOUSLY ( Responsible Sex) The HIV+ Code that began in New York City, NY. USA back in the mid 1990’s with BRANDON’S POZ PARTY - NYC (see THE POZ CODE) where one HIV positive gay male chooses to have safe sex OR unsafe sex with another HIV positive gay male (see Safe Sex Serosorting / Serosorting). A Freedom of Choice issue to physically break the cycle of new HIV transmissions NOW, rather than wait for a cure or vaccine. 

To help support the HIV negative community to remain HIV negative, and to take a leadership role by being sexually and socially responsible. A common HIV Prevention, Status Disclosure, Communication Strategy that is lowering HIV Stigma nationwide. Thus proving that HIV can be stopped and that the gay community is MORE socially (and sexually) responsible than the “experts” give us credit for. (See DISCLOSURE, HIV STATUS)" **** Page 53

SPECIAL NOTE: HIV Stigma is gone, HIV Status Disclosure is increasing, there is COMMUNICATION, RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING and we are UNIFIED as we continue to stop HIV. You only need to connect the social and sexual dots, and understand the research.
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The P4P golf shirt. 

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