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 Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
HIV+ Protecting Those Who Protect and Serve Us: 
For generations you and your co-workers have protected us - the general public - from harm and saved us in our time of need. Today and here in New York City, WE will do our part to help protect YOU. This forum is open to anyone interested in taking this discussion on HIV Prevention, Status Disclosure and Education to a HIGHER STANDARD here in New York City, NY. What is learned and understood here, can be the model for police, fire fighters and EMS workers nation wide. Please share this with others, add your comments or thoughts and contact me if you would like me to speak about this at your next meeting.  

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The POZ CODE, a revolutionary HIV PREVENTION, STATUS DISCLOSURE, COMUNICATION Strategy that is fashionably and politicaly correct. Thereby proving that HIV+ people are in fact openly disclosing their HIV+ status in public with confidence.

For example: You and your partner are called to respond to a gun shot heard in your local community,you respond to the call.Upon arrival, you notice a subject laying on the ground, bleeding from the gun shot wound. The subject can not communicate with you, and EMS arrives to the scene. 

HOW do you handle this?

You would normaly handle the subject as being HIV+ (as you should, because "safety first") is key. HOWEVER, you notice that the subject is wearing The POZ CODE (P4P) - maybe the tee shirt, baseball cap, tatoo, dog tag or OTHER POZ CODE item. NOW YOU KNOW the subject is HIV+ and you and EMS can better handle the situation, and provide better treatment to the subject and yourselves if needed. The same example can be applied to Fire Fighters and EMS workers nationwide. ​

Protecting those who protect and serve us.

​Helpful information:
New York State Department Of Health 
Current supporting research

Thank you for your service;
Robert Brandon Sandor
US Air Force vet 1979-1983
Humanitarian Service medal 1979
Honorable Discharge 1983
HIV+ 1983

The Bio Hazard tattoo is just one of many ways HIV+ gay men across America publically disclose our HIV+ status.
Dog Tags, T-Shirts, Caps are other ways we choose to disclose our HIV+ status.
Keys chains.
Me, Robert Brandon Sandor in Central Park wearing my P4P (Poz4Poz) polo shirt in public.