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Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
Research: Ideas, thoughts and latest published reports.
The C.R.O.I. Boston March 3-6, 2014
Seattle "Serosorting" Research report explained. 
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By Robert Brandon Sandor
New York City, NY. U.S.A.
June 29, 2014

Since the mid 1990's and to this day - June 2014 - there has been a disconnect  between the HIV agencies, organizations, "experts", "professionals", researchers and the LGBTQ Community worldwide. The abstract concept of HIV prevention theory as it relates to 20th Century brick and mortar HIV agencies, makes said agencies obsolete. Thanks to the internet.  

The LGBTQ Community has found a way to stop HIV without the intervention of the HIV agencies, organizations, "experts", "professionals", researchers - and more importantly, WITHOUT expensive medications or their dangerous side effects; including but not limited to: PrEP, The AIDS Vaccine or any other wonder drug.

I belive there is something bigger here that needs the attention of "the HIV experts". This published scientific research report  is supporting evidence of a community driven social and sexual behavioral change that is NOT controlled by the HIV agencies, organizations, 'experts" or "professionals". Since the mid 1990's, both the HIV+ and the HIV-negative communities have openly disclosed their HIV status in public, thus proving that there is in fact willful COMMUNICATION between the two population groups. The booklet explains this in detail.

The Seattle research publication makes NO mention of any intervention efforts by any HIV agencies, organizations, "experts", "professionals".

* Has society reached a point where we are just fed up with "old school" HIV messages and just saying "Lets end this"? 

Agree or not, but I think something is happening in America, and it's NOT in favor of "the HIV Experts". And soon we will read Safe Sex Serosorting (HIV-negative gay youth having safe sex with other HIV-negative gay youth) Research publications

December 1, 2014

This page when examined along side the HISTORY page of this site, connects the dots that the 20th Century brick and mortar HIV agencies and organizations are now obsolete. If you have a cell phone with you NOW, please turn it on and access the internet. Go to GOOGLE and look up ANY topic relating to HIV PREVENTION.

Thank you for proving me correct, HIV agencies and organizations (as physical objects at a fixed location) are obsolete. 

More later. 

Published Research Reports:

April 30, 2016 ~ YALE UNIVERSITY 
Serosorting Intervention for HIV Negative MSM  "If shown effective, the intervention model will be ready for immediate dissemination to HIV testing services."

December 15, 2014 ~ UCLA Researchers discover that combining social media and behavioral psychology could lead to more HIV testing. UCLA research suggests a valuable tool in the fight against the virus that causes AIDS.

October 22, 2014 ~ OWNERS PARTNER WITH PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS TO BUILD HEALTHIER ONLINE COMMUNITIES (Thus making it EASIER for gay men to Serosort or Safe Sex Serosort)

July 25, 2014 ~ Most gay men who don’t use condoms are mindful of HIV and attempt to reduce their risk

March 14, 2014 ~ Two in Five Gay Men ‘Serosort’ in an Attempt to Prevent HIV

March 11, 2014 ~ Only having sex with same-status partners is an HIV prevention strategy for 40% of gay men

September 9, 2010 ~ Serosorting Is Associated with a Decreased Risk of HIV Seroconversion in the EXPLORE Study Cohort

Winter 2007 San Francisco AIDS Foundation ~ Lately, serosorting has been thrust into the mainstream media because it is thought to be partly responsible for the recent decrease in new HIV infections in San Francisco. As part of its newfound celebrity, serosorting is being considered as one of the possible next steps in behavioral HIV prevention for both negative and positive individuals.

​" Serosorting among HIV positive persons may be an effective strategy for preventing additional HIV infections. Information on serosorting, covering both the benefits and the potential risks (e.g., reinfection, STDs), should be developed for both providers and target populations. This information should be specific for HIV positive and HIV negative individuals, since serosorting among negative individuals has different and more significant risks." (page 19, Intervention Recommendations continued)

August 18, 2005 ~ New York Times "A Good Report on AIDS, and Some Credit the Web" 

2003 ~ 10th CROI  "Several groups investigated novel areas for intervention" 

"The Role of the Internet for Sexual Transmission and Intervention"  "In their online study, they recruited 2934 men through internet chat room banners on a popular gay Web site." "On a more positive note, the ability to recruit patients via the Internet might provide a unique opportunity to use this medium as a means of providing urgently needed safer-sex messages."

" The role of serosorting in superinfection remains to be seen."


Serosorting; Having unsafe sex (no condoms, bare back) with your own HIV status.

Safe Sex Serosorting: Having SAFE SEX (condoms used) with your own HIV status.


1) When HIV+ gay men (MSM) have unsafe sex with other HIV+ gay men, NO HIV-negative gay man becomes infected with HIV.

2) When HIV+ gay men (MSM) have SAFE SEX with other HIV+ gay men, NO HIV-negative gay man becomes infected with HIV.

3) When HIV-negative gay men (MSM) have SAFE SEX with other HIV-negative gay men, NO HIV-negative gay man becomes infected with HIV.

SPECIAL NOTE: It is a medical fact dating back more than 3 decades that when HIV-negative gay men have unsafe sex (no condoms used, bare back, BB, RAW) they WILL get infected with HIV. 

Learn how SEROSORTING saved the American Gay Bareback Porn Industry from extinction CLICK HERE.