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 Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
HIV+ Empowering HIV-negative ~ (best viewed on your cell phone) Learn how the HIV+ gay community is currently empowering the HIV-negative gay community to remain HIV-negative. Communication +Trust = RESPECT.

Gay Bareback Porn ~ How gay bareback porn made a comeback and helped change the gay sexual and social cultures worldwide - for the better.

HISTORY ~ Learn how HIV Status Disclosure went public and evolved into the social and sexual behavioral change you enjoy today. This all started as a selfish idea to find an HIV+ boyfriend.

NYSDOH ~ Prescription For Change 2006. The PDF file from the New York State Department of Health (December 5&6, 2006) "Serosorting among HIV positive persons may be an effective strategy for preventing additional HIV infections." (p.19)

Police, Fire Fighters and EMS: HIV+ gay men protecting those who protect and serve us.

Party Drugs, Alcohol and Negative Emotions ~ Just spending 5 minutes understanding this information could save you hours in the hospital, police station OR 6 feet UNDER!  Tips and suggestions that question the status quo.

Empowerment / Educational Videos ~ Empowerment videos that push the limits of HIV prevention by RAISING the standard of the HIV "prevention" conversation.

​* HIV Research Ideas (Global) ~Taking the HIV prevention concept to greater heights, and letting the idea evolve.

DESIRE and MOTIVATION(best viewed on your cell)
Your desire and motivation to remain HIV-negative, not to infect someone if you are HIV+, not to PnP or to do so with responsibility, to have safe sex or to BB (bareback, unsafe sex) and so on is the glue that holds all other HIV prevention messages together, the key force that drives local and global cultures to continue to support HIV prevention. ​

COMING OUT An LGBTQ guide to coming out safely and happily. By: Allison Hope, CNN, Published 4:50 AM EDT, Tue October 11, 2022

You do not change the world by looking at it. 
You change the world by the way you live in it.​
                                           Robert Brandon Sandor
                              Founder, Brandon's POZ Party - NYC
This is the focus of the site and where the future of HIV Prevention is written. As you read the page titles and explore the links offered, you will get a better understanding of how far this website can go and how unlimited it's potential has become. ​The only limit to this website is your own imagination and comfort zone.

​If you are an HIV Researcher you should take notes, and begin writing your HIV related Grant Funding proposals. Across the board. (If you don't, your competitors will.)


BIO HAZZARD TATOO MEANING: (HIV Status Disclosure communication tool YouTube video)


What Is Serosorting? ~ Serosorting is MORE than just having sex with your own HIV status, it is your Freedom Of Choice to pick and choose your sex partner(s). Also, more than 20 years of sexual behavioral research has proven that no one became infected with HIV from Serosorting. (VIDEO)

Is PrEP Right For You? ~ BEFORE you consider taking PrEP, please consider this...with the current debate in Washington regarding the overall issue of the concept of American Health Care, and the desire for some to eliminate and change American Health Care, will any funding you get for your daily PrEP treatment be available next month?

WHY Get Tested For HIV? ~ ​One of the reasons why you might have put off getting tested for HIV on a regular basis was because you felt alone or afraid.

10 TIPS FOR ONLINE LGBTQ NETWORKS: (best viewed on your cell) The Internet is a global communication tool and getting the most from an online network today can get pretty stressful and frustrating. 

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and REFUSALS(best viewed on your cell) IT IS A FACT OF LIFE: There is a pretty good chance that you are NOT going to have fantastic, hot, life changing sex every time you visit a sex venue or meet a hot guy (s) online, at a bar or in a social setting - even though you try.

FACEBOOK GROUP - HIV-UB2 an innovative opportunity to reach out to our HIV-negative family, friends, loved ones and sex partners. To help EMPOWER them to remain HIV-negative. 

PDF BOOKLET: With the unchallenged popularity of the internet, the simplicity of meeting other young gay and bi-sexual young men online and the human desire to have sex with or without HIV; the role of sex venues, private parties and one on one sexual contact in America has changed. (PRINT A COPY TODAY!)