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Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
The HIV Elite : While others TALK about HIV Prevention, WE ACHIEVED IT!
Anyone who says that HIV can not be stopped or must be "maintained" failed to understand and realize the power of OUR DESIRES! If one person is HIV-negative, then that person has stopped HIV. If one person is HIV+ and has not infected anyone, then that HIV+ person has stopped HIV. 

                                                                  So what will happen when we (HIV+ and HIV-negative) stand  UNITED? 
                                                                  New transmissions of HIV are stopped dead in it's tracks. 
                                                                  Not bad, huh?

                                                                  The HIV Elite, a COMMUNITY DRIVEN HIV Prevention message.
                                                                  For us, by us. Because getting paid to stop HIV is a contradiction. 

                                                                  What's up about this webpage and why should you and your friends
                                                                  (or sex partners) care to know what's here? Because SOMETHING is
                                                                  happening  in the gay community that is NOT being made public and YOU should at least know about it. After 30 years of HIV there is a feeling of UNITY, COMMUNICATION, TRUST and RESPECT within the gay community and if you do not TRY to understand it, it will just slip by like a bird in flight - without a trace. For example, just look at ANY of the HIV prevention messages in your local community and find the one that says THANK YOU for stopping HIV. You will not find it, not a single message of THANKS or JOB WELL DONE. That is the single HIV Prevention message here on THIS webpage - Thank YOU for stopping HIV, job well done. Give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourselves,  YOU EARNED IT!

HIV+ or HIV-negative, safe sex or bareback we are ALL united and respecting each others sexual pleasures and desires, and along the way WE are stopping HIV together. As a community. CURRENT RESEARCH proves this. As a unified community with a common goal (stop HIV) we are COMMUNICATING to each other with RESPECT and UNDERSTAND-
ING. We are playing hard and partying hard (PnP) but we are SMART and EDUCATED in the process, and this is NOT just some fling, trend or "wishful thinking" here. Since the mid 1990's and to this day, we have been allowing our ideas, thoughts and actions EVOLVE and ADAPT to our needs thereby allowing the gay sexual culture move forward. And as the Gay Culture moves forward, so do we and our understanding of the role we play in HIV prevention. 

You are BETTER than what The HIV "Experts" and "Professionals" give you credit for. Be proud of your efforts.

                                                                             (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

"Some of the great advances which have been made in the country and in other countries, have come into being exclusively because of research work and the advancement of scientific knowledge..." Herbert H. Lehman speaking on the floor of the US Senate October 8, 1951

Who are "WE" those of us who are The HIV Elite? 

We are of all races, all ages (18+), all income levels, all educational levels (18+) gay and bisexual MSM (men who have sex with men) on a global scale. WE are the ones who have chosen to take HIV prevention seriously just by having sex with our own HIV status. WE have physically broken the cycle of new HIV transmissions and STOPPED HIV dead in it's tracks. And WE have achieved this without the intervention of our local HIV agencies, organizations or their funding. 

CURRENT RESEARCH is just beginning to understand this but has a long way to go, those of us who Safe Sex Serosort (have safe sex with our own HIV status) are still censored and discriminated against. Not only in the fields of HIV Research - Sexually, Socially, Economically and Psychology but, also by American Gay Media and our local HIV agencies and organizations. WHY has American Gay Media NOT told YOU about this BOOKLET published back in 2013?

                                              WE ARE The HIV Elite because WE HAVE chosen to STOP HIV TODAY

           HIV-                     HIV+
    +                  +

​  _
​ _
​ +
(Don't tell anyone, but IT"S WORKING!)
Anyone who says HIV can not be stopped or must be "maintained, failed to understand and realize the power of our DESIRES!

If one person is still HIV-negative, then that person has stopped HIV. If one person who is HIV+ and has NOT infected someone, then that person has stopped HIV as well.

Scientific Medical FACT:
When TRUST and COMMUNICATION are allowed to work together, we achieve SUCCESS.