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Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
The Starting Point To Remain HIV-negative: Introduction Module
This is a series of pioneering modules targeting Americas HIV-negative gay youth and empowering them to CONTINUE to remain HIV-negative by choice, without expensive medications and their dangerous side effects. PrEP is obsolete. Since the mid 1990's and to this day (September 21, 2014) NO HIV agency, organization, "expert" or "professional" has accepted the responsibility or offered to create a universal HIV Prevention message / strategy congratulating our nations HIV-negative gay youth. (Supporting Research)

And as a result, This community driven module series will be the vital springboard for future HIV prevention messages, strategies, research and theories for decades to come. Community driven supporting evidence that the HIV+ community IS united with the HIV-negative community and continues physically break the cycle of new HIV transmissions with confidence. HIV Stigma is no longer the issue it once was.

                                       THE STARTING POINT TO REMAIN HIV-negative.
                                       Take a PRO ACTIVE approach to remain HIV-negative - Take HIV Prevention SERIOUSLY.

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                                       HIV- negative                                                                                                            Donors


The biggest trap that keeps people from taking action is FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown. The ONLY way to deal with fear is to face it, look it in the eye and take action in spite of it. HIV is no different, and staying HIV-negative in today's world just became MUCH easier. 

There is a lot of conflicting information about HIV Prevention, and 99% of the information misses the main point - YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Just focus on YOU and YOUR DESIRE to remain HIV-negative and experience how this new understanding impacts YOUR FUTURE. Contrary to popular belief getting infected with HIV is NOT a "rite of passage" into adulthood, and not all HIV+ gay men (myself included) choose to infect an HIV-negative person.

You can not control the outside world, but you can control yours. You can not control the events in your life, but you can control what they mean to you. By following the steps below you can increase your confidence, understanding and desire to remain HIV-negative, and to better maximize the information offered in these UNIQUE modules.

STEP 1: READ THE MODULES. Read the series of empowerment modules and take notes. Think about the key points mentioned and consider how you can apply them TODAY.

STEP 2: JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Join the conversation by adding your FEEDBACK, COMMENTS or CONCERNS in the GROUP DISCUSSION "GUEST BOOK" feature section offered in each module. You can discuss with family, friends, loved ones or other group members. The focus here is to CREATE DISCUSSIONS, and DEBATE the content to help EMPOWER and EDUCATE others, and yourself. SHARE this information and link with others on websites and social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Involved with an AIDS Walk or AIDS Ride? Consider sharing this information with organizers, walkers or riders.

STEP 3: APPLY WHAT YOU LEARNED. Consider the subject matter provided and APPLY the key points offered. No matter what happens today, you must find EMPOWERMENT and MEANING as a result of your HIV-negative status. Yesterday is in the past and can NOT be changed, but TODAY is a FRESH and NEW BEGINING to set your goals! Goals give you the ability to create your future in advance, and every singe action you take has an effect on your destiny to remain HIV-negative for life. It is NOT what we can do in life that makes a difference, it is what we WILL do TODAY that creates a better future with confidence.

STEP 4: REINFORCE WHAT YOU LEARNED. Just one of the great features about these revolutionary modules are the freedom of movement and access to information. Anytime, anywhere you go with your mobile device you can return to this site and revisit this information.

STEP 5: YOUR ONLINE PROFILE. With so many new and exciting mobile devices and features they offer, today has never been easier to reach out and make in impact for a cause. This site, these modules and your profile is no exception. Post your HIV-negative status in your profile on Face Book, Twitter, YouTube or other social networking site. HIV-UB2 and D&D FREE are just two of the global status disclosure "codes" used by millions of HIV-negative people worldwide. Just log on to most sites and witness this first hand. Many gay "hook up" sites (mostly gay sex sites) offer members to post their HIV status like this: "HIV-, HIV+ or Don't Know." Those of us who are HIV+ publically disclose OUR HIV+ status with confidence and pride. Why not YOU and your HIV-negative status?

I invite you and your HIV-negative friends to take advantage of these revolutionary modules, and to create an unstoppable momentum in your life to REMAIN HIV-negative without expensive medications or their dangerous side effects. Share this with others; sharing is MORE than caring it's: AWARENESS, EDUCATION, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, EMPOWERMENT and HOPE!

                                                                                   Thank you for doing your part by choosing to remain 
                                                                                   HIV-negative. I am proud of your success!
 I am proud
                                                                                   Robert Brandon Sandor
                                                                                   HIV+ since 1983