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 Questioning the status quo, and RAISING the standard of HIV prevention in America since 2002.
What Is Serosorting?
AN EVIDENCE BASED AND PUBLISHED FACT:  ALL GLOBAL SEROSORTING RESEARCH has proven that no one became infected with HIV by SEROSORTING - NO ONE. Just Google it for yourself.

"SEROSORTING is MSM having unsafe sex with their own HIV status." that is what the experts will tell you; so, allow me (the founding father of Serosorting) to fill in the details. For starters, Serosorting is MORE than just having unsafe sex with your own HIV status, it is the cornerstone and end result of successful (and COST EFFECTIVE) HIV Prevention / Harm Reduction Strategy today - Serosorting is your Freedom Of Choice (Free Will) because you have the right to choose your sex partners regardless of your sexual orientation. (F/M, M/M, M,M/F, F,F,M, F,F).

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Even though the HIV Prevention / Harm Reduction strategy of Serosorting began in the gay / bisexual (MSM) community, it is NOT limited to this population. Social and Sexual Behavior is a global desire and unlimited to humanity. Therefore, how many HIV related grants funding proposals were NOT written because the global research community failed to understand this?  

Just ask the experts, professionals, researchers, activists or your doctor. (UB2 HISTORY and MEANING)

THE TIME HAS ARRIVED: After more than 40 years of HIV/AIDS it is time to ask the hard question: Are we winning or losing the War Against HIV? This question can be answered in real time at this moment just by using your cell phone and GOOGLE these two questions: 1) What is the population of America? and 2) How many people in America are HIV+ (living with HIV). Now subtract.

This is the current number of Americans who are HIV Negative. (see video on HOME page)

Why is it important to know the population of America and how many are living with HIV (are HIV+)? Because, BEFORE you consider taking PrEP or giving up on HIV Prevention, you must know where America stands on the war against HIV, and knowing that there are more than 320 million Americans living HIV FREE TODAY brings the need for PrEP and your efforts to stop HIV in perspective. It offers you a better understanding of where we are at, and how we achieved this monumental success.

Why are more than 320 million HIV-negative Americans required to limit their sexual behavior to the less than 10 million HIV+ Americans? Therefore, HIV-negative Serosorting is the leading cause of the current REDUCTION in new HIV transmissions nationwide. If you are HIV-negative, it is OK to have sex with your own HIV status. One day, the HIV researchers will catch on to this sexual behavioral fact. But until then, they'll keep guessing and missing the point. 

For those who claim that Serosorting is flawed or does not work because people lie about their HIV status, then the SAME argument can be made about PrEP - people lie about taking PrEP and people lie about being "undetectable". The sad reality is that to a very small number of people, the risk of getting infected with HIV is a sexual fantasy. Just look at the NEW HIV INFECTION rate each year to understand this point.

BASIC FACTS the experts forgot to mention; (all apply to M,F, any age, income and education)

* You cannot SEROSORT (have sex with your own HIV status) unless you first know your HIV status, therefore, SEROSORTING promotes getting tested for HIV on a regular basis.

The cost and efficiency of getting tested for HIV against HIV treatment, medication, FDA / government approvals and time lost from school or work makes SEROSORTING the most COST-EFFECTIVE HIV Prevention / Harm Reduction Strategy available worldwide.

* However, you cannot get tested for HIV unless you become motivated and have a desire to get tested in the first place. Getting tested for HIV is a benefit that supports HIV Prevention / Harm Reduction therefore: SEROSORTING is a Self-Improvement Strategy. (Increased Empowerment & Self Esteem)

* You cannot SEROSORT unless you understand your role / responsibility to yourself, your sex partner(s) and society as a whole and as a result - SEROSORTING means Social Responsibility.

* You cannot SEROSORT unless you communicate your HIV status to others (friends, sex partner(s) and strangers), thus, SEROSORTING is an HIV Prevention Communication Tool

* When you get tested for HIV, understand your responsibility of your HIV status and communicate your HIV status to others (status disclosure), you automatically protect yourself from possible legal issues. You are protecting HIV-negative sex partner(s) from getting infected or you will be protecting HIV+ sex partner(s) from prosecution. SEROSORTING means Legal Protection. Just ask the BareBack Porn Industry worldwide. 

* Since the first day SEROSORTING was introduced to society back in August 1996 through print media (two local gay magazines in New York City) and the internet, NO HIV related agency, organization, expert or professional supported or accepted SEROSORTING as a valid HIV Prevention / Harm Reduction Strategy. Therefore, and without doubt, SEROSORTING is a Social and Sexual Behavioral Change reality that is driven solely by the community - community driven NOT clinical. 

* With all the points offered above, there is another that needs to be mentioned...SEROSORTING is RESPECT not discrimination or hate. Respecting someone's HIV status and choosing not to get infected or not infecting someone is RESPECT not stigma. SEROSORTING means RESPECT and has put an end to HIV Stigma.

* SEROSORTING means physically breaking the cycle of new HIV transmissions and stopping HIV dead in its tracks, for free and without expensive medications or their dangerous side effects. ​But there is more to this... There are four forms of SEROSORTING and TWO involve safe sex.

For HIV-negative Serosorters:
1) When HIV-negative people have SAFE SEX with other HIV-negative people (this is called HIV-negative SAFE SEX SEROSORTING), no one gets infected with HIV. If they do, where is the published research? 

2) When HIV-negative people have UNSAFE SEX with other HIV-negative people, (this is called HIV-negative SEROSORTING) no one gets infected with HIV. If they do, where is the published research and why are the BB (bareback / no condoms) porn companies worldwide so successful? 

For HIV+ Serosorters:
3) When HIV+ people have SAFE SEX with other HIV+ people, (this is called HIV+ SAFE SEX SEROSORTING) no HIV-negative person gets infected with HIV. If they do, where is the published research?

4) When HIV+ people have UNSAFE SEX with other HIV+, (this is called SEROSORTING) no HIV-negative person gets infected with HIV. This is the ONLY form of SEROSORTING that the general public is allowed to know about. I don't know why. 

Therefore, SEROSORTING is as I mentioned above - MORE than just having unsafe sex with your own HIV status, it is the foundation and end result of the concept of HIV Prevention today - Serosorting is your Freedom Of Choice. Just reread everything on this page but with one question in mind: Are you required or forced against your will to have sex with your partner(s) or are you choosing to have sex your way? In other words, do you pick and choose your sex partner(s) or are you forced against your will to have sex? 

SEROSORTING is a FREEDOM OF CHOICE HIV Prevention Strategy: We have the right to pick and choose our sex partners. ​How many HIV related Grant Funding proposals can be written just by researching the information offered on this webpage? ​One day, maybe, the HIV Researchers and Lawyers worldwide will understand this.