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ABOUT was created in 2002 as the first privately owned and funded website for the HIV+ community.


It was inspired by Brandon's POZ Party and Brandon's POZ Socials in NYC, which aimed to connect HIV+ individuals socially and sexually. The website offered an opportunity to expand this concept globally and provided a safe and supportive online space for people living with HIV.

Unlike non-profit and for-profit organizations, was not restricted by legal or funding limitations. It offered a wide range of resources and information related to HIV Status, including private parties and social events*, circuit party DJ listings, health information, online support groups, fundraising events, radio shows, social opportunities, and MSM Bareback adult entertainment listings.

The main goal of was to empower the HIV+ community by providing a clear purpose and role for the website. It aimed to serve individuals with HIV and those interested in supporting them. The website operated with values and common interests in mind, and it strived to be authentic and straightforward in its approach.

As the creator of, I wanted to make a positive change in the HIV+ world because I was tired of simply observing the challenges faced by our community.

Respectfully Yours;

Robert Brandon Sandor,

HIV+ August 1983,

Founder, Owner, Host

AOL Chat Rooms, Yahoo Clubs , E-Groups and Message boards 

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