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ABOUT (est. 2002) is the nation's first privately owned, managed and funded website for the HIV+ community, and was the next logical step to take the concept of Brandon's POZ Party - NYC (1996-2009) and Brandon's POZ Socials - NYC (1998- 2004) online and international. Envisioned as a selfish idea to find an HIV+ boyfriend in NYC (1996), soon became purpose driven - the springboard for countless others worldwide and empowered HIV Status Disclosure to go public.

With the success of the MSM Brandon's POZ Party - NYC and Brandon's POZ Socials - NYC back in the early 2000's, offered a wide range of information and supportive weblinks in safety and comfort to a population that was stigmatized and hated. What for profit and non profit agencies, organizations, departments, experts and professionals could not do (for legal reasons and funding issues) could.

And did.

Being privately owned, managed and funded the website was not restricted and offered the general public an online resource, a one stop shop for information based on HIV Status that included

(but not limited to) : Private HIV+ MSM Parties, HIV+ Socials, International Circuit Party DJ listings, Health Information, Private MSM underground HIV+ Online Groups ( AOL Chat Rooms, Yahoo Clubs , E-Groups and Message boards), National Fundraising Events (AIDS Walks and Rides), POZ Radio, POZ Camping, Gay Bare Back Adult Entertainment listings  and more.

The overall purpose of, Brandon's POZ Parties & Socials was simple: 1) Be clear about the purpose, 2) Be clear about the role each played empowering the HIV+ community, 3) Be clear about whom each served, 4) Be driven by values and common interests, and finally, 5) Be authentic and straight forward.

I only wanted to help change our HIV+ world because I was tired of just looking at it.

Respectfully Yours;

Robert Brandon Sandor,

HIV+ August 1983,

Founder, Owner, Host

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