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Empowering ourselves by connecting with people who share a common interest, such as poetry, outdoor activities, or activism, but come from different backgrounds, can have a profound impact. These shared interests lead to genuine and trustworthy interactions, while diverse perspectives help broaden our understanding of the world and our role in it. Our lives become richer and more complex as we are influenced by the people we meet and our experiences.

It all started as a selfish idea for me to find an HIV+ boyfriend in New York City, NY, USA back in 1996. This is how my desire and fear unfolded...


While stationed in Europe ('81-'83) I (Robert Brandon Sandor) became infected with HIV/AIDS but, it was not until moving back to America (summer of 1983) that I needed to get tested. The result was: "You're HIV+ and need to get your affairs in order, you'll be dead by the end of the year."


Welcome to America and civilian life. However, a funny thing happened on my way to the coffin, I lived - and without meds. Because I was alive and "healthy" I suffered the horrors and stigma of "The HIV Witch Hunts" that the gay community and federal health officials organized; and like thousands of other HIV+ gay men, I kept my HIV+ status hidden.


It was not until the mid-1990s, that’s when I became fed up with hiding and wanted to live my life out in the open and with an HIV+ boyfriend. Someone to share my HIV+ concerns with, someone to share my joys with - someone to share my life with.

But HOW do I find someone on my terms and WITHOUT the cold, clinical intervention? I began taking long walks along the trails of The Hudson River and the Amtrak railway near Dyckman Street in the Inwood section of Manhattan, NYC. However flawed my understanding and belief of the legal responsibilities I had to the general public was – I truly believed that if I made MY HIV+ status public in writing and offered the general public the CHOICE, with one sex party for HIV+ MSM and one sex party for HIV-negative MSM – I would be able to increase my chances of some form of legal protection. However slight and far-fetched my reasoning was I wrote down thoughts, legal concerns, gay sex behavior issues, and HIV Status Disclosure issues on a pad of paper and came up with this...

Publicly advertised MSM sex parties founded on HIV Status and using the freedom and privacy of the internet as both outreach and communication tools. Anyone interested can contact me from the comfort, safety, and PRIVACY of their own home at will 24/7/365.

Unexpectantly, and across the board, HIV Prevention in America would be changed forever defending our Sexual Freedom of Choice. Simply put, we have the right to pick and choose our sex partners with or without HIV and within our comfort zones. 

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