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The Circuit
Party List


Due to the popular BRANDON'S POZ Palm Springs parties, many guests were able to easily fly into different airports and stay anywhere in the Palm Springs area. They could also attend the event at Camp Palm Springs whenever they wanted. The guests included people from the general public, the Adult Entertainment industry, directors, investors, local and regional individuals from HIV/LGBTQ agencies and organizations, and more.

Because of this event, it was uncertain what would happen to HIV+ and HIV- MSM in the future. There were multiple airports, hotels, transportation services, guests, friends of guests, investors, HIV-related agencies, organizations, experts, and professionals involved.


This would be the springboard for the Gay Circuit Party experience. 

It was on April 22, 2002, that the Gay Circuit Party experience grew even bigger. I had come up with the idea of sex parties based on HIV status, which was still new to most people. But then, someone who had been following my progress online reached out to me. He was an organizer and promoter of Circuit Parties and wanted me to incorporate my sex party concept into the Circuit Party experience.

Because of this collaboration, in 2002, the practice of disclosing HIV status became accepted worldwide. While people in New York City may have thought that my sex parties were just about having sexual fun, the strategies of communicating about HIV status and engaging in specific sexual behaviors to prevent the spread of the HIV virus (known as Serosorting) reached people of all races, ages, and from different parts of the world.

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