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Be the person who inspires a thought to evolve.

Inspiring people does not require natural charisma or deep pockets. All it takes is a good idea that meets the needs of the group and to allow the group to understand the benefits they receive from the idea. was that evolution of a thought. 

HIV Prevention prior to the mid 1990's was a difficult time to inspire others if we did not feel inspired. The stigma and hate against the HIV+ community back then was not helping and something needed to change. For example: What excites me to not infect others? What is my "WHY?" What makes me want to get up in the morning and not get infected with HIV? Will I get fired or evicted?

In 2002, was the inspirational leadership that arose from a set of behaviors and understanding that anyone could learn and benefit from. When these were put into practice, people wanted to take the time to help others and achieve our common shared goals - whether we held an official leadership position or not. The goal: Private people (HIV+ MSM publicly coming out about our HIV+ status) and creating a trusting community. Peers empowering peers.

By allowing others to build on the idea that offered, the site encouraged others to figure out what inspires them and to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion on their terms. A sense of belonging is what transforms groups into teams, acquaintances into friends and neighborhoods into communities. 

With the website as my canvas, I reached out to our community - and our colorful community replied.

The Research that was realized

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