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Empowering ourselves by connecting with people who share a common interest, such as poetry, outdoor activities, or activism, but come from different backgrounds, can have a profound impact. These shared interests lead to genuine and trustworthy interactions, while diverse perspectives help broaden our understanding of the world and our role in it.


Our lives become richer and more complex as we are influenced by the people we meet and our experiences. 


As the years rolled on and HIV-based social and sexual gatherings for MSM grew in popularity, HIV Status Disclosure became common and accepted.  At this point, nothing was off limits and the opportunities were unlimited. The concept of HIV Prevention shifted away from the experts and professionals and into the control of the general public. 

HIV Status Disclosure was accepted and encouraged as the online hookup sites became available, and soon Yahoo Groups, Facebook Groups, Podcasts, Camping, Cruises, Dating and the like were at our fingertips.  





Just an example.

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